InfoZen Acquired by ManTech

Case Study

Customers choose InfoZen for our dedication to their mission and the ability to adapt to their evolving mission environment. InfoZen is dedicated to delivering the best-value solutions and services built on sound strategy, customer commitment and technical excellence.

We view our customers as partners and collaborate with them closely to provide the most innovative solutions for their specific mission need. Our expertise includes assisting DHS with risk and threat assessment, developing e-Gov infrastructure, health care fraud detection, Web security and more. For over 15 years, customers have come to us in need of solutions that improve performance and deliver results. Please view our case study below for more information.


U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) | Enabling Agile Software Processes

Customer Need:  DHS wanted to create a paperless electronic immigration system that will streamline nearly all of the agency's processes and help it operate with more efficiency.

Our Approach: InfoZen worked with Agile Development teams to integrate and operate software products using open source tools to provide continuous software integration and delivery services for DHS. InfoZen integrated work products of up to twenty agile development teams, automated end-to-end development and DevOps processes, managed builds, and provided configuration control. InfoZen also plans to establish an Open Source-based Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD) pipeline to enable a standardized and repeatable automated build and deployment environment to enable frequent delivery of high-quality software.

Result: InfoZen created a highly-automated CI pipeline, which allowed the agency to more quickly create production-ready code. The CD pipeline provided the ability to quickly deploy multiple staging and production environments, and the production deployment window was reduced to two hours while InfoZen maintained a 100% production deployment success rate. InfoZen migrated all environments to Amazon Web Services, created instance automation, and automated the creation of environments via infrastructure as code. As a result, DHS was able to stand up a production-like environment of 30+ servers from scratch in less than a week.