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InfoZen DevOps University (IDU)

DevOps Leadership Training

InfoZen’s DevOps University (IDU) has created an intensive Leadership Strategy training session to help large organizations understand issues in deploying DevOps at scale. This course is designed to help senior IT executives understand the evolution of the DevOps services in a full continuum to increase both quality and velocity at the same time. Continuous integration for a single application is substantially different than embracing DevOps for a large portfolio of applications on disparate platforms and technologies. The goal is to help you understand how to craft a DevOps strategy that can leverage your financial investments and cover your entire portfolio.

InfoZen thought leaders created this course based on their real-world experiences in the financial and government sectors. Currently, IDU is offering this course only to select customers, with plans for wider dissemination in the future. Current InfoZen customers should contact an InfoZen representative to attend one of its limited-engagement presentations. If your organization is thinking about agile or DevOps, then you should be leveraging InfoZen DevOps University resources.

DevOps Practitioners Training

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to build and ship a software product in two days? InfoZen’s DevOps University (IDU) has created an immersive training experience that gives your team the opportunity to say that you have. This course is the first of several “Live Dive” offerings that focus on the practice of Continuous Delivery.

We begin by providing “just enough” architecture, infrastructure, and process to kick start a project. Participants undertake the journey of forming, norming, storming and performing around an application that they will define, own, and deliver. Don’t worry if you’ve never written code—we have tactically designed an approach that accommodates all levels of proficiency. We enable anyone to develop, test, and ship code by providing the foundation. Our experts use a technique we call "Micro-Sprints" to compress planning, doing, and adapting into 90-minute segments. The Micro-Sprints use agile practices that allow teams to adapt within the context of shipping software frequently. Teams will use tools that enable continuous integration, test automation, code quality, and deployment. The class is facilitated by practitioners who build commercial SaaS products on a daily basis. Each Live Dive session will produce an application that is deployed to the web with source code that is published to GitHub. You will witness your work live on a publicly available site.

The Live Dive series is like being part of a startup. Each class will define your journey, enable you to self-organize around it, and experience success.

To arrange to attend one of InfoZen's limited-engagement Leadership Training presentations, or to inquire about one of our Live Dive Practictioners Training sessions, email and provide your contact information.