InfoZen Acquired by ManTech


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InfoZen is a leading DevOps authority. We offer our DevOps expertise in two ways—as a service, or as training through InfoZen DevOps University (IDU).

As a service:
Our approach to DevOps brings together the people, processes and tools required to create a culture entirely focused on collaboration, innovation and outcomes. Taking cues from the U.S. Digital Services Playbook, we remove the barriers between software development and IT operations teams, demolishing organizational silos and aligning stakeholders with the common goal of delivering value quickly. Our DevOps experts execute the latest approaches across agile development, continuous integration, continuous testing and continuous delivery to yield results that drive the mission:

  • Time-to-value is much shorter because IT cycle time is greatly reduced
  • Software features are released more quickly and frequently
  • Releases are stable and predictable, making them more cost-efficient and less stressful on your team
  • Customers’ needs are met sooner and at a higher level of quality
  • Collaboration and trust flourish between development and IT operations teams
  • CI/CD platform maturity is achieved easily and efficiently

To find out more about our approach to DevOps download our fact sheet.

DevOps University (IDU):

Our experts provide immersive training experiences for DevOps leadership and practitioners. Explore our comprehensive offerings in depth.